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The Full Picture

Kabbalists describe only what they attain with certainty within their vessels, meaning the Form in matter and Matter. Matter is the will to receive and the Form in matter is the Form of bestowal dressed within the will to receive. In fact, the creature always attains the full picture, but the question is, how certain can we be of what is disclosed?

For example, when we perceive a certain picture, how do we know what we are perceiving?

Which part of our perception of the picture is certain and which is not? since our tools are limited we cannot be sure. Perhaps the spectacles through which we are observing reality are showing a plain ahead of us when, in fact, there is a chasm right before our feet. Could our next step throw us into the abyss?

If the above example seems unlikely, the next will clarify matters: without radiation gauges, how would we able to detect radiation? We could easily walk into contaminated areas unknowingly.

We are unable to build tools to assist us in determining the trustworthy from the untrustworthy in spirituality. The difference between what we can or cannot rely on lies in the difference between the various tools at our disposal.

* * *

We should stress that locating the gateway from this world to the spiritual world is not a direct action. it is more like search for an exit from a closed circle. Although the opening is in a certain place, it can only be seen after having searched all 360 degrees.

To build the Form of the Creator within, we must first know all the Forms opposite from Him. If the Creator had an image outside of us, we would be able to adopt it immediately and thus end the process. However, such an image does not exist outside of us; it is for us to build the image of the Creator within our own Matter. First we must learn about the opposite Forms to the Creator, and only then can we build similar Forms to Him. The sum of the images creates our image of the Creator.