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Quotes of Great Kabbalists

Redemption depends primarily on the study of Kabbalah.

--The Vilna Gaon, Even Shlema 11,13

The attainment begins from the hidden Torah, and only afterwards does one attain the remaining portions of the Torah, and only in the end does one attain the revealed Torah.

--The Vilna Gaon, The Siddur

All of man's engagements are guided by a single, intrinsic premise, and the internality dresses within all people. It is what they referred to as “Nature,” whose numeric count is the same as “Elokim” (God). And this is the truth that the Creator concealed from the philosophers.

--Ramchal, The Book of the Wars of Moses, Rule 15

As one cannot sustain one’s body without some knowledge of the corporeal arrangements of nature… one’s soul has no viability in the next world, except by acquiring some knowledge of the arrangements of the nature of the systems of the spiritual worlds. …One reincarnates until one is granted the attainment of the wisdom of truth through and through.

--Baal HaSulam From My Flesh shall I See God

The wisdom of truth, meaning the wisdom of the Godly revelation, in His ways unto the creatures, as with secular teachings, should be delivered from generation to generation, and each generation adds another link to its former. Thus the wisdom evolves and at the same time becomes adapted for broader expansion among the masses.

--Baal HaSulam The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Its Essence

When all the people in the world unanimously agree to annul and eradicate the desire to receive for themselves within them, and will have no other desire but to bestow upon their friends, all worries and harmful ones will be banished from the earth, and each will be secured a complete and healthy life. In the end, each of us will have a whole world to care for our needs.

--Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Study of the Book of Zohar”

If my generation had listened to my voice, they would have started to study The Book of Zohar at the age of nine.

--Rabbi Isaac from Komarna, Notzer Hesed

“On the learning of The Zohar there are no restrictions...”

--The Hafetz Chaim

One who feels within, after several attempts, that one’s soul within is in peace only when engaging in the secrets of Torah, one should know for certain that this is what one has been made for. Let no preventions—corporeal or spiritual—stop one from running to the source of one’s life and true wholeness.

--Rabbi Abraham Yitzhak HaCohen Kook, Orot Kodesh 1, 88–89

The Torah was given to learn and to teach so that all will know the Lord, from least to greatest. We also find many books of Kabbalists alerting of the importance of the study of the wisdom that everyone must learn.

--Rabbi Yitzhak Ben Tzvi Ashkenazi, The Purity of Sanctity, 147

May it be that the holy flock would begin their study of the holy Book of Zohar when they are still small, nine and ten years old … and redemption would certainly come without any Messiah labor-pains.

--Rabbi Shabtai Ben Yaakov Yitzhak Lifshitz, Segulat Israel (The Remedy of Israel), system 7, item 5

Let not the neuter say, “For I am a dry tree, and who am I to approach inside the holy into the books of Kabbalah?” The righteous have already agreed that this is the inclination’s counsel and a lie today. Even when not understanding everything, the words of the Holy Zohar are still able for the soul and good for every soul of Israel; small and great are there, each according to the root of his soul.

--Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Ben Yaakov Horovitz, Hanhagot Yesharot (Upright Guidance), item 5