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Contradictory Phenomena

From the book Kabbalah, Science and the Meaning of Life

It seems hard to believe that researchers would agree to the statement that “we create the world-picture before our eyes.” This is because that would mean that there is nothing more to research. And researchers are customarily regarded as people who aspire to change the world. But changing the world is impossible using the traditional methods of research. At this point, Kabbalah provides researchers with tools that will enable them to research themselves, and thus change the world.

In other words, Kabbalah will assist an honest researcher to achieve what he or she wanted from the beginning—to change the world. However, the change will be internal, not external. The wisdom of Kabbalah will enable science and human perception to evolve into the next phase, beyond time, space, and motion. In that state, all the phenomena that today appear contradictory to researchers will merge.

Now we can also understand how our desires gradually evolve. Having developed from desires to wealth to desires for honor and domination, and finally to the desire for knowledge, it is now time for the desire for spirituality, the desire that induces our exposure of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

A scientist who studies the wisdom of Kabbalah is acquainted with the foundation of Creation. Such a scientist will be surprised to discover how tightly matters are connected to the rules discovered in the material world. Subsequently, this congruence between spiritual laws and physical laws will help the researcher to resolve problems in every field of contemporary life.

In ecology, psychology, social or political science, in every field of science we are faced with the absence of the “right formulae.” Things did not used to be so complex. In Newton’s time, for example, discovering only a few formulae sufficed to explain everything. But today we have climbed to a new level of research in matter; at this level, we lack the formula that explains the general conduct of matters.

If science claims to engage in humans and the world they live in, Kabbalah states that in all our fields of research, we actually research ourselves, not the world around us. In physics, chemistry, physiology, ecology, or any other science, we research not the outside world, but our inner world, our inner vessels. Modern science is discovering that traditional research has exhausted itself. All that is needed now is to see that the entire world is actually within us.