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The Garden of Eden

The wisdom of Kabbalah deals only in man’s desires. Kabbalists discovered that the only thing that exists in reality is a desire, and the fulfillment of this desire.

In Kabbalah, the Garden of Eden symbolizes a desire to give, to bestow upon another. Thus, through acquiring the desire to give, one leaves the “shell” of egoism, its limitations, and feels oneself existing beyond the boundaries of this world. Following one’s exit from one’s ego, a person is integrated in the perfect, eternal, and infinite nature.

The Revival of the Dead

The revival of the dead is usually described in movies as a situation where the bodies of the dead come back to life, step out of their graves, and begin to live their lives anew.

But the wisdom of Kabbalah explains that the term “death” relates to the state of our egoistic desires within. Once these are corrected into altruism, we can use them to benefit others. This is called “the revival of the dead.”