Storks and Teamwork - Official Kabbalah Publication of the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute
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Storks and Teamwork

Every autumn, flocks of storks fly on their way south. Their journey over land and sea covers a great distance.

They begin from cold northern lands and migrate south towards warm Africa. Next autumn, look up at the sky and you'll see the V-shaped flock.

Why do they fly in a V? Scientists have discovered the reason. When a bird flaps its wings, it creates momentum that eases the flight of the bird behind it. This is why the V-shape lets the flock cover a much greater distance than one bird could ever do alone.

And another interesting fact: When one of the storks falls out of the flock because it is weak or hurt, two other storks immediately fly beside it to help and protect their fellow flyer.

They remain with the weak bird until it is strong enough to fly again, and only then do they rejoin the flock.

What can we learn from the storks' flight?

People who have a common goal will reach it faster and more easily if they join together in a group. Each member will help another, and together they'll move forward better than apart. This is why Kabbalists have always studied in groups.