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Editor’s Note

Fulfillment—Not Compensation

For this issue of Kabbalah Today, we decided to explore the characteristics of our culture and civilization—from the Kabbbalistic perspective, of course. Here’s what we found: Whether it’s our consumption-mania, the ever-growing obesity problem, or the fact that 50% of American couples today are getting divorced, there is one thing that stands out—real, satisfying fulfillment is missing in our lives. Or, to be Kabbalistically accurate, we lack spiritual fulfillment.

“The Untold Story of: a Consumer Nation” shows that our never-ending chase for more “stuff” has blinded us to the only thing that Kabbalists say would make us happy—the realization of our spiritual purpose.

But in the 21st century, our spiritual need is growing bigger than ever. “Obesity: A Lack of Spiritual Food?” shows that as long as we don’t know how to address our spiritual lack, we try to compensate for it by any means possible—one of them being food.

A healthy relationship, for instance, is known to be one of the most fulfilling things ever, but today’s divorce statistics prove that our relationships lack something in order to survive. “Man, Women and the Snake Between Them” goes back to our spiritual roots—Adam and Eve—to show us what that missing factor is.

Altogether, the above articles and the rest of this issue explain that the fulfillment we yearn for is attained through spiritual transformation: Discovering the interconnection between us, and thus rising to a new, fulfilling level of existence.