From Generation I—to Generation We - Official Kabbalah Publication of the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute
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From Generation I—to Generation We

Kabbalah suggests that the best way to get from Generation I, where we all feel alienated and hostile, to Generation We, where we feel connected and safe—is through a new kind of education. Believe it or not, one of the principal means of education is—children’s games!

The games children play today, in the Generation I, are all about winning by being the fastest or the smartest, or stated simply, “better than everyone else.” To go from this to Generation We, parents can encourage their children to play games where the winner is the one who is best at connecting with others.

From a young age, children will learn about the benefits of being connected with others and will develop a mindset that is harmonious with Nature—where everything is already harmoniously interconnected.

In addition to showing children how we triumph by connecting with others, these games should also show that without such a connection, we fail. The games will show the child that being the best, triumphing, and winning, can only happen when everyone wins. This will help the children make that inner transition from I to We, and they will win—together with everyone else.

Such games and educational systems can pave the way to a new, interconnected mentality, suitable for the 21st century. Our times—of growing globalization along with growing egoism—necessitate that a transition will take place from the “I mentality” to the “We mentality.” Through games that enable such a transition, children and parents alike will learn a fundamental truth: that winning can only happen together with everyone, not alone.