The Story of Cogwheels - Official Kabbalah Publication of the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute
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The Story of Cogwheels

This is a story about all of us—about children and parents, about where we came from, how we got here, and how we will return Home—to a place called “The Single Soul”

Once upon a time, we were all connected together like cogwheels, bound by bonds of mutual love.
Every one of us was connected to all the others, and there was no difference or distance between us.
We shared everything with each other, and anything that was mine was also yours. We were called “the single soul,” and we were truly, truly happy.

But suddenly, everything changed.

Suddenly, egoistic desires arose within us and destroyed our unity and our happiness.

We broke apart from one another and descended into this world—a dark, lonely and unjust place.

Instead of being ruled by love, this world is ruled by the laws of egoism

Soon, we began to dominate and use our neighbors for our own gain.

We desired honor and fame so others would be jealous of us.

We wished to acquire money—and lots of it! After all, money can get us anything we want—can’t it?

Well, it turned out none of this made us happy. Instead, we started hating each other even more.

One day, we became so desperate, that we suddenly recalled how things had been long ago. Then, we had been happy because we were all connected to each other—just like cogwheels.

As soon as we remembered this, we longed to love each other again, to reunite and come back to that wonderful place called “The Single Soul.”

And so we did.

We all reunited—and once again understood what true happiness is.