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What Is Happening to Our Economy?

The recent Wall Street plunge has left everyone in shock. It’s time to change our systems at the root if we are to climb out of this economic crisis

The events surrounding the American and global economy prove that this time it’s serious — the global economy is in a deep crisis. Today, the million (or should we say billion) dollar question is, “How do we establish a truly viable and stable global economic system”?

We don’t have to be brilliant economists to figure out the answer, says the wisdom of Kabbalah. We only have to understand that Nature's plan is to bring all its parts to work in perfect unison, and in human society, this means that the work of each individual must benefit the whole of society.

The best example of such behavior is a living organism, whose cells interconnect and work to benefit the body as a whole. In his article, “Building the Future Society,” Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag writes, “…each member is obligated by Nature to receive one’s needs from society, and to benefit society through one’s work.”

So in the economic system, just as with any social system, interdependency is the name of the game. The problem is that the foundation of human behavior, driving all economic and social systems, is the ego, which always prefers the narrow personal interests of investors and stockholders over the common good of the public. The pursuit of wealth, honor and control at the expense of others is the top priority for company owners.

Clearly, this does not match Nature’s plan to bring its parts to unity and mutual bestowal, and hence the existence of our present economic systems isn’t supported by Nature. In fact, the systems we have established in human society stand in complete contrast to Nature’s system.

In order for the economic system to survive, it must be aligned with Nature’s model. And for that to happen, a number of initial steps need to be taken:

* All the existing media channels should be utilized to make people aware that we all constitute one multi-cellular body in which we are all connected to one another. Each and every cell (person) in this universal system must understand that the most profitable economic model for the individual is the one that brings happiness to others.
* The public must become aware of the real reasons for the crisis. People must understand that Nature has a plan for us, and that the turbulence we are now experiencing is a result of us acting against this plan.
* Decision makers will need to learn how the general system of Nature works, and what implications this carries for necessary changes in the human systems, including the economic system. Based on this knowledge, they should implement the corresponding changes in order to bring our social systems into balance with Nature’s plan.

Only when we begin to think and operate in this direction, will we succeed in getting the world out of the mud that it is stuck in today, and lead it to safe ground.