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From Horses to Spacecraft: A Fascinating Connection

There’s an amusing story circulating around the internet. Some call it a “fable,” while others call it a “history lesson.” We leave it to the experts to decide how much of it is fact and how much is fiction. One way or another, it touches on a very Kabbalistic notion: everything is interconnected.

There are two engines on the new state of the art space shuttle, each engine five-feet wide. Although the space shuttle’s engineers wanted to make the engines wider, they couldn’t. That’s because the engines were delivered by railroad, and the distance between the rails was only five feet.

Here’s why: The American-made railroad was modeled after the British model, and in Great Britain the railroad was modeled after its trolleys, which were modeled after horse-trams. The width of the horse-trams was designed so the wheels would fall into tracks, and the distance between the tracks in Great Britain is five feet.

And that’s because the roads in Great Britain were paved by the Romans to fit the size of their military chariots, which were five feet wide. And that’s because the chariots were led by two horses and this was the width of two horses’ behinds!

So the size of the spacecraft’s engines today actually goes back to the size of a horse’s behind 2,000 years ago!