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Recent Study: Having a Goal in Life is Good for You

A new Japanese study has found that people who have something to live for have a lower risk of dying than those who do not. Finding a purpose in life may even override the risk of a stroke due to stress, researchers say. The only thing the researchers could not find, however, is the reason for the difference.

Well, you don’t have to be a scientist to realize that a goal that’s “shining” for you from afar fulfills, energizes and revitalizes you. But the challenge is to find a goal that can actually keep our interest throughout our lives. In fact, it is practically impossible to find such a long-lasting, “eternally-energizing” goal in this world. That’s because all of our goals gradually lose their value as we go through different life experiences, mature, and change our preferences. Or, we attain our goals, and then we no longer have anything to look forward to.

There is, however, one goal that never fades or stops “shining” for us once we attain it, and that can sustain our sense of purpose for the duration of our entire lives: the spiritual goal. Moreover, its value - and our desire for it - only increase with time. Why? Because of the nature of the spiritual goal: As soon as we attain it, we reveal that it is actually much greater than we thought, and we immediately see the following, much greater degree of spirituality we can attain. Hence, the attainment of this goal is infinite, just like the goal itself, and it never puts an end to our desire for it.

So what exactly is the spiritual goal? It is to reveal the all-inclusive force of Nature that governs the entire universe (including us) and sets everything in motion. By attaining it, we reveal an existence beyond time or space, and beyond our temporal, corporeal existence.