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Women Where Are You?

Throughout history, women have been the force maintaining harmony in the home and family. Now it is time to use our wisdom to bring that same balance to our world, the global village

The world is be faced with many unprecedented challenges, including financial instability worldwide, a record food shortage, and an escalating trend of violence in many countries. Under these circumstances, the world’s greatest hope at this time is its women: their inherent ability to nurture and heal, to be wise and compassionate, and to take necessary action when the times call for it.

Women’s voices are being heard today more than ever before, with a record number of women in office and leadership positions. We have Hillary Clinton in the USA, Angela Merkel in Germany, Tarja Halonen in Finland, Vaira Vike-Freiberg in Latvia, Cristina Kirshner in Argentina, Pratibha Patil in India, Gloria Macapagal in the Philippines,Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in Liberia, Yulia Tymoshenko in the Ukraine, and many more. But this is not enough. We cannot leave the work to the leading women, because a true change has to begin from the bottom up (as proven by Obama’s presidential campaign).

If Not Me, Then Who?

As 2009 takes us deeper into the global financial crisis, each and every one of us should ask herself: what am I doing about the world’s situation? What contribution am I making to amend the financial crisis or the escalating violence? Why don’t I make myself heard and help lead the world to safer ground?

So, what exactly should we do? The way to a better world starts at the level of recognition, a recognition that the current situation requires us to adopt relationships of compassion and consideration for all people in our small global village. Thus, we must first make the change within, in our hearts.

Once we do this, we can begin to educate the people around us about these new attitudes. Women today have great influence over the media – we are editors, writers, TV show hosts, teachers, and radio talk show hosts, and we can promote the compassionate approach the world now needs through all these channels. And at the very least, every woman can influence her boyfriend, husband, friends and neighbors.

Some of us may feel held back because we are as confused by the present global fiasco as the next person. But ask yourself this: Who else can begin and power this spiritual transformation if not the women of the world? The global nature of our problems demonstrates that we are becoming one global family, and just like in a regular family, women have the greatest power to change things for the better.

A World in Harmony

It is time to bring our innate abilities out into the greater world – to use your strength, wisdom and understanding to help the whole world be properly arranged in the new, globalized reality. Think of it this way: how many men are capable of maintaining a successful career while smoothly running a household, taking care of their children, and naturally setting the tone for the proper functioning of the whole family?

The answer is clear. What our “global home” lacks is a woman’s touch, a woman’s influence from within. Only then will our global family regain safety and stability.