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The Way Passed the End

The Doomsday Vault, a seed bank for world use, reflects both our worst case fears of global destruction and the means to prevent it. It exemplifies uniting in order to satisfy the need to care for all

The end. People contemplate “the end” all the time. They wait for their work week to end, they anticipate the end of a cold winter, they dream of the end of twelve years of schooling. Ah, graduation. How nice to reach the end. The end of the perfect book, that satisfied feeling one gets when it feels just right. And there are the scary and sad endings in life: death, divorce, disaster. Ah, disaster, this one, when it’s on a large and national or global scale, is often played to the hilt. Consider for a moment, the amount of time movies and media often give to doomsday scenarios. There seems to be a fascination with “the end.”

The Doomsday Vault

Discovery Magazine’s top 100 science stories of 2008 include, “Doomsday Vault Opens.” It is a kind of Noah’s Ark for the protection of seed types from around the world. “The End!” we think. The word, “Doomsday,” catches our attention, stops us in our tracks, and makes us think.
The ark—rather, the vault, is built on the largest island in the Svalbard archipelago in Norway. It’s built to protect the seeds in case of natural disasters including pestilence, asteroids and even human induced calamities such as nuclear attack.

The idea of a safety deposit box for seeds is not new. Nations have had their own seed banks in the past and will continue with their reserves, but this structure, which is designed for “world use” in case of catastrophic circumstances, reflects a kind of unification, one that considers the whole world and not just its segmented parts, drawn as political, geographic boundaries. It’s this kind of whole world protectionism that is a clear indicator of our interdependency and it is this state of understanding that paves a way for us in our own personal diffusion, where we extend our miniature focus to include the care of all. This state is a kind of end, a shift in focus. It is a predetermined goal that existed in the original thought of creation, and it is completely good and benevolent despite our current perceptions to the contrary.

The End of the Paradigm of the World Broken into Pieces

Here now, we discuss the end of an old paradigm, where the world is broken into pieces, often working against itself, and instead, we usher in the beginning of cohesion, the same kind seen in nature among bees working together in their hives, or in geese flying together in their “V” formation.

The unified thinking that is exemplified by the construction of The Doomsday Vault is a small glimpse into the unity that the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches. Somehow, many of us know inside that if we are to survive, we must think in terms of “the whole.” And yet, there’s a strange paradox where we feel that we exist in isolation, very much alone, struggling in a system we can’t understand.

A Way of Unity

To study Kabbalah is to study The Way to Yourself, but by paradox, this is a way of unity. Today, we see its beginnings being realized not only in the trade of goods, but in the rapid trade of information through the internet. Beyond information and goods though, we are also sharing emotions, tightening the bonds that exist with one another. Even though we might be at opposite ends of the globe, we feel the virtual connection. Many of us feel the responsibility, the needs that exist around our planet, a suffering planet.

We realize that our safety and security is completely dependent upon the success and balance of the whole of humanity. The butterfly effect ripples around us even if we can’t see it.
Kabbalah teaches that true unity must be built upon the deepest law within all of nature, the most sublime and the most powerful force of all: the law of bestowal. It is a reciprocally beneficent natural law that replaces the egoistic black hole that sucks everything unto itself and is never satisfied. The ego is a tyrant whose calculations are completely for itself without regard to wholeness. It’s the ego gone wild that is hurting us, but it is also the ego’s mistakes that will teach us, if we pay attention and learn.

The proof of the ego’s destructiveness is in the pudding and that pudding today is tasteless. It’s the impasse that society has reached, the dead end that The Book of Zohar spoke of a long time ago. Here it is written, that at the end of the 20th century, humanity will start asking about the meaning of life, and that the answer to this question, hidden in the ancient science of Kabbalah, can only be revealed in our time, precisely because of these challenging circumstances.

Kabbalah Provides Real Answers

Kabbalah addresses these questions in a way that is timeless, expansive and yet personal because the nature of all perception is based inside of an individual. Within the individual can be found the system and unity of all the souls, together as one. Kabbalah is available for anyone who sincerely wishes to explore the answers to their questions. It provides real answers from within you, where you wait for the answers you are seeking. When you find the answers yourself, you know that there truly is a way passed the end.