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Editor's Note

Our Natural Desire to Know Why

In each of us lies an unresolved riddle concerning the purpose of life. Every so often we ask ourselves questions such as: "Why are we here?” “How were we created?” “Is there a purpose to our experiences, both personal and global?” and “Where are we headed?"

For the most part, we try to avoid these kinds of questions. We do not think of them as something that can be or was even meant to be answered. We have created a society that makes it convenient for us to ignore our natural desire to know why we are alive. In the eyes of society, it is much more acceptable to simply chase after the trifle day-to-day chores and joys of life. Those of us who do question the meaning of life are often considered odd or in some cases even somewhat bizarre.

Today, however, life’s meaning is not a question we can put aside. The increasing drug abuse, depression, suicides, and violence, and such trends as the new age, mysticism, and radical cults are all signs that humanity is looking for the answer.

It is time for the authentic wisdom of Kabbalah to come out of its "hiding" and present humanity with the means to connect to the source and the purpose of its Creation.

We hope you will enjoy this issue of Kabbalah Today and that you will not hesitate to share your thoughts and comments with us.

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